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UFRN monograph on Animal Rights


The Banality of Evil in the Exploration of Non-Human Animals: Narratives on the Abolition Animal

Monograph presented as a requirement for obtaining the degrees of Bachelor and Full Degree in Social Sciences, the undergraduate degree in Social Sciences from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte

Talita Ratto, aluna Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, presented in August 2010 his monograph of completion where, in 123 pages, she analyzes the arguments that guide the legitimacy human speciesist to override their interests over the other species. For both, it presents the historical origins of forming a cultural heritage and seeks to disqualify such anthropocentric supremacy by applying the concept of Banality of Evil, elaborado by Hannah Arendt, the exploitation of nonhuman animals. This theory was developed by Arendt to examine the Nazi leaders who were tried after World War II.

As an object of study for his monograph, the student studied the actions of NGOs VEDDAS and interviewed some of its activists.

Baixe a comprehensive monograph here.

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