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The VEDDAS - Ethical Vegetarianism, Defense of Animals and Society works to promote animal rights and disseminate the arguments in favor of a diet and lifestyle free from the exploitation of sentient beings.

A lifestyle that includes this attitude of respect for other beings directly affects human society, as respect for the rights of nonhuman animals is closely related to respect for human rights of animals.

In addition, the adoption of a vegetarian diet means a better quality of life and ensures the future of our planet for human animals and non-human.

The VEDDAS exists thanks to the efforts of many activists and support of individuals, organizations and companies. Our work ranges from the production of informational materials to promote campaigns, protests, events and other educational.

The VEDDAS believes that through the awareness and consciousness of the individual is possible to generate an effective change in the way non-human animals are treated in our society.

In their actions, the VEDDAS seeks to create the opportunity for people willing to contribute to this work is well organized and can make a difference.

Visit our website and learn more about the issue of animal rights and benefits of a diet free of animal exploitation. There you will also find information about our projects and campaigns with which you can collaborate!

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