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VEDDAS|PE Promotes Volunteer Training Workshop and Lecture with George Guimarães

Want to become an animal rights activist but does not know how??? So do not miss the opportunity to empower participating in the XIII WORKSHOP TRAINING VOLUNTEERS VEDDAS. See the event on Facebook. In the days 13 and 14 October, a ONG VEDDAS|PE performed, in Recife, the first Volunteer Training Workshop and lecture "The animalistic movement in Brazil and Worldwide", respectively. No of ...

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VEDDAS Participates in Collective Activism in the event FICA - Itajubá, MG

Non-Intervention Gallery Place. Human Tray is artistic intervention that invites the audience to look consumption of animal products from another point of view. Saiba mais: Itajubense Festival of Culture and Art Presentation curatorial concept FICA 2013 A PRISM TO UTOPIA "A utopia is lá no horizon. I approach two steps, it departs two steps. Path ten steps and the horizon ...

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International Conference on Animal Rights 2013 em Luxemburgo

Veddas held 4 lectures at the International Conference of Animal Rights in Luxembourg, occupying ten percent of programming international event themed abolitionist and libertarian, NGO activists VEDDAS present lectures on "animal rights activism in Brazil", "Building Alliances with Other Social Movements", "Vegan Nutrition" and "Project CINE VEDDAS", p strong scoring ...

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XII Training Workshop Volunteer VEDDAS

Come empower themselves to discuss veganism and animal rights and so participate in our projects direct contact with the public, such as VEDDAS-CARTE already touched and inspired thousands of people along their 5 years of uninterrupted working week (see VEDDAS-CARTE in action at the link You can also volunteer to work backstage as in ...

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Mc Dia infeliz 2013 in São Paulo, Sorocaba, Recife and Natal

The menus of eateries are based in the torture and murder of millions of innocent animals. Most of these are intensively reared animals, without access to fresh air and sunlight, and without freedom of movement. Their deaths are cruel; humane slaughter is a myth, animals at slaughter are stunned often so ineffective, making them are still fully decapitated ...

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VEDDAS lecture at the "Tribute to the diversity of the Soul" in Commemoration of the Day of Lesbian Visibility

Event GLBTT "Tribute to the diversity of the Soul" with lecture Camila Hardt NGO VEDDAS on the relationship between Sexism and Speciesism - Mario de Andrade Library, SP Mesa Sustainability: Animal Rights to Life and the Environment Protection and. George Guimarães (Ethical Vegetarianism, Defense of Animals and Society - VEDDAS) and Marcio Moreira (Corporate Social Responsibility Surya Brasil). Saiba m ...

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First Essay Theatre Vedder

The first test of the Theatre Vedder was the day 25 August at the Cultural Center Vergueiro. We did a test table, which explained the proposed work and its purpose: Theater themed on Animal Rights. The work happens Theatre, for the time being, once a week, Sundays. We have three hour test: - test; - table: discuss ideas, text readings, etc.; - classroom-technical: técn ...

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