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The project was initiated by the arm VEDDAS in Rio Grande do Norte in early 2012 on a monthly basis. Last year, São Paulo began the project with the screening of "Jill's Film" and the presence of British director and activist John Curtin. Now Cine VEDDAS is held monthly in partnership with the Cultural Pack all s 4th Wednesdays of the month. Sao Paulo, Christmas and Sorocaba already part of the circuit, and unity of VEDDAS in Recife start later this semester project monthly themed films in animalistic. "Cine VEDDAS is a circuit of screenings by animal activists and the center of debate in several Brazilian cities at the same time", Bia diz Dantas, project coordinator. The project will also be introduced in Luxembourg in September this year. "The International Animal Rights Conference will feature a presentation on this initiative integrated diffusion film animalistic; plus one share that part of our work in Brazil to serve as a model for activists abroad ", says the president of the NGO VEDDAS, George Guimarães.


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