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Professionalism and consistency in the struggle for animal rights

Started in 2006 as a group of activists who sought a way of acting in defense of animal rights, NGO VEDDAS - Ethical Vegetarianism, Defense of Animals and Society was legally formalized in 2009, which has further expanded its operations.

With a long history still short, consistency, professionalism and responsibility of their actions have led to star VEDDAS achievements ranging from the removal of more than a hundred dogs vivisection courses and organizing protests over 300 participants to the joint campaign aimed to Congress with the accession of dozens of NGOs and the creation of the largest biennial event that brings together hundreds of animal rights activists from the five regions of the country.

In addition to specific campaigns and temporal, VEDDAS performs the consistent work of spreading the message of animal rights in direct contact with the people on the streets. Examples are projects BAR VEDDAS, VEDDAS-MOBILE and VEDDAS-CARTE, the first of them with four years of uninterrupted history while the last two, making use of multimedia equipment that can be taken anywhere there is a sidewalk, have reached thousands of people in the last three years.

Result of the dedicated work of dozens of volunteers who have in the struggle for animal rights and their passion their fuel, the VEDDAS is the only national NGO projects to maintain permanent diffusion of animal rights with weekly and is certainly the most prominent national NGO within the animal rights movement abroad. Also in Brazil, VEDDAS is the reference for the media when it comes to the defense of the arguments against animal experimentation, the use of animals in circuses, and exploitation of animals for any purpose that is, including food.

The VEDDAS was founded by George Guimarães, its current president, nutritionist specializing in vegetarian and an activist with nearly two decades of history in the struggle for animal rights. Main reference for the national media and the academic community in the country when the theme is vegetarian nutrition, George Guimaraes also has operations abroad, which often features the work of NGOs in conferences animal rights, which allows large integration and exchange of experiences with international groups.

Comprise the board of many NGOs exponents of Brazilian movement, professionals working in the areas of law, biology, medicine, nutrition, communication, education and veddasistração and they do their work inside and outside the VEDDAS their way to work in the broadcasting and animal rights.

Naturally, posture VEDDAS and its volunteers is guided by a vegan way of life, in other words, a way of living which seeks to exclude from their daily lives all forms of animal exploitation.

Whether in the form of protests, the friendly contact with the public on the streets, lawsuits or representation in the media, the VEDDAS aims to bring the message of animal rights for creating a fairer society where all sentient beings can enjoy their right to life and freedom.

VEDDAS - Ethical Vegetarianism, Defense of Animals and Society

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