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Shakira Case


From the rights bitch SHAKIRA, allegedly locked in the balcony of 12m, without human contact and physical space befitting its physical structure (dog breed boxer), the Judiciary did Justice to ensure the constitutional rights of speech and expression.

That sentences serve as an example to ALL who – whether activists, activists and protectors – when faced with acts of abuse or mistreatment in the face of an animal, TAKE ATTITUDE, BELIEVE, ACT. Usem as Leis. Apoiem up in constitutional. And, now, use the Jurisprudence. Justice is on our side. Let's practice altruism. Do not keep quiet in the face injustice, a crime; before a being who suffers – regardless of their species.

Text from image in the upper right:

Victory for activism!

Improcedências in three actions!

Bianca Turano opens jurisprudence favorable to animal rights activism in Brazil

The defendant states that it is an activist movement that defends the rights of animals, and documents accosted by the author himself notes only that she exchanged a few messages regarding this subject, not exceeding their right to freedom of expression, not citing nor denigrating the image, at any time, the author or their relatives. So, against all evidence in the file, there is no need to speak of moral damages compensable, because the defendant had not respect the dignity of the plaintiff to exercise his right of free speech in defense of bitch, there is no abuse of rights or illegality in his conduct, pursuant to article. 186 and 187, CC. EX Pósito, I think INAPPROPRIATE APPLICATIONS. " Case No. 2009.001.167376-6

This victory also belongs to non-human animals and the Earth! Through a UNION groups and activists Brazil never seen before. Let's keep this spirit!

Our thanks to each of you.
Liberation human and non-human!!!

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