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The National Meeting on Animal Rights 2010 is near!!!


You've done your registration?

The Animal Rights National Conference is the only national event focused on animal rights activism, that in addition to a lot of information with the best speakers, prizes also for creating an environment of much integration between individuals and groups that make the animal rights movement in Brazil.

The deadline for registration discount has been extended until 09 September!!!

Visit and learn more about this event already in its last issue received 200 activists 13 Brazilian states and has been recognized as a landmark in the struggle for animal rights in the country.

Is still in doubt whether to participate in the ENDA 2010? Want to know what's missing?

Watch the video and see the social photos ENDA 2008:

Listen to the visionary lecture Laertes Levai - "Letter to the Future", uttered during Enda 2008:

Or read the transcript of that lecture:

Listen to motivational lecture by George Guimarães - "Meeting in Diversity", uttered during Enda 2008:

Or read the transcript of that lecture:

National Meeting of Direct Pets 2010
09 a 12 October 2010
Future Vision Ecological Park - Porangaba, Sao Paulo

Discussing the movement, nourishing the differences and empowering our activists
The best minds of the Brazilian movement in more 40 lectures
Learning and socializing in four days of intense relationship with activists from all over Brazil
Information, training and relaxing moments (dip in the lake, show de talentos, bonfire) in the company of people fighting for the same cause
The ENDA is the only national event aimed at activists and working with space for curious beginners and, offering the opportunity to share, learn, socialize and recharge those who work in the cause of animal rights.

Registration with a reduced value until 09 September (the registration fee includes room and board).

Access and meet the speakers, see photos, videos and testimonials of ENDA 2008 and access many other information

Achievement: VEDDAS - Ethical Vegetarianism, Defense of Animals and Society

Historical, outstanding, exciting and worthy of applause emphatic. I've never seen in my entire existence such a concentration of people altruistic. The importance of this event easily compares to the Modern Art Week, in 1922. I'm flattered and proud to be part of something so big.
Daniel São Paulo Coelho, SP

The meeting was a valuable opportunity to meet and talk with people with the same intention, the same concern, the same willingness to fight for animal rights, the abolition of animal exploitation, by animal liberation total and unrestricted. It was exciting to be in a space of friendship and understanding with these people, a beautiful space, in harmony with nature and free from any form of exploitation. Nossa Luta é justa, necessary and feasible, ENDA and proved it who had any doubt. So do not hesitate to say that we will be victorious!
Frederick Bruno Müller Rio de Janeiro, RJ

The Enda was… wonderful, inspiring and exciting! It was amazing to spend a few days with people willing to spend an extended holiday to our cause, we all know how important it is fair and. The atmosphere of the event as a whole was magical. The park is beautiful too, lectures brought a lot of information, the dedication of a large majority for the whole thing worked was unbelievable. Ultimately, I have no words to describe how all that happened there and moved me, sure that no one went home without any changes in (good) sense. I always had the security of being part of this fight fair, but now I'm also certain to be on the winning side… sooner or later.
Rodrigo Cesar Levy Campinas, SP

An event to be remembered in the history of activism in Brazil! Many good people, lots of information and delicious food and cruelty-free. Need more what? Just perfect!
Paulo Renato Count, MG

… I think the event exceeded the expectations of all, the least of all with whom I spoke, That is worth a lot. Everyone knew it was the first and many were afraid of possible faults. However what we saw was an example of organization, I've never been a first edition of an event that was so well organized, heart. …
Fabio Chaves Valinhos, SP

It was amazing to attend an event totally based on noble ideals, while we could share the experiences of partners of activism, whether practical or reflective!
San Carlos Eduardo Carneiro, SP

Minds working for a cause more noble than! Congratulations to the organizers and participants! We want more Endas!

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